16 Jul 2010

Preparing Yourself For A Photo Shoot

Preparing for a Shoot Comments Off on Preparing Yourself For A Photo Shoot

1)    Plan ahead and talk to the photographer! The most important thing anyone can do when something is coming up is take all things into consideration and brainstorm how to accomplish all the required tasks most efficiently and appropriately. In terms of prepping for a photo shoot, a person would be wise to figure out precisely how to go about the following tips in this list or any other hurdles that may come to mind.

2)      Make the most of everything and work hard. As a friend’s father once said “If it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right.” Don’t procrastinate prep work, forget about getting anything done to its full potential if the effort wasn’t put forth. Naturally if you have a great photographer you will still get quality images but being on top of things is always a plus.

3)      Figure out what styles you like, perhaps you are into super close up shots, or into very lively vibrant colors, or you are in love with black and white photographs. You and your photographer will benefit so much if he or she is aware of your stylistic preferences. Once again, if you hired a skilled photographer you will still receive terrific shots.

4)      Go over your wardrobe as soon as possible! Find what clothes go best together with a variety of color options and style options. Also keep in mind photographers almost always charge by the hour so too many wardrobes will result in longer changing time and fewer photos. It never hurts to bring extra changes of clothes which are for different circumstances. Have casual, dressy, and a couple different color themes. The sooner you figure out what you will be wearing during the shoot the more likely you will have the clothes washed and ironed if there are any wrinkles. Wrinkles are not good!

5)      Get your make-up and hair done professionally if you can afford it. Chances are you are hiring a professional photographer for a special occasion, not a bad idea to be looking your best for those significant times!

6)      DO NOT get your hair cut for at the very least a couple weeks before a shoot! Especially if it’s a wedding! A minor trim is totally fine if it’s a week in advance, but any major changes to hair length could be an unwise decision. Everyone gets a bad haircut every now and then! Also, it wouldn’t be a good idea to try out new make-up styles within an hour or two of the shoot, it may not turn out the way you like it and it might not represent you well. If it is tried out several hours in advance with enough time to change it that should be fine.

7)      Location!!! If you have places in mind you want to go to, let the photographer know! Either way it would be incredible beneficial to look around and brainstorm places well in advance because the photographer may not be too familiar with your area. Do yourself and your photographer a favor and look into possible places for a shoot.

8)      Have fun!! The more fun you are having during a shoot the better your photos will turn out. Sincere laughs and smiles are FAR more photogenic than staged ones. Also it will make for a much more enjoyable experience, so plan on trying to have a good time and even cracking jokes or anything else to assist in creating a friendly happy atmosphere.

9)      Choose a photographer you can work with and are comfortable with. This will also help make for a more memorable experience and will help build that enjoyable atmosphere which is PRIME for capturing photos with true enjoyment and actual smiles as well as laughs.

10)  If you have anything like a special bracelet, anklet, ring, necklace, shirt, etc. be sure to possibly include that into the shoot in some way. Such things can make for a more sentimental and meaningful photo.

11)   Once again have fun and plan ahead! Enjoy your photo session and photos!

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