16 Jul 2010

Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer – 5 Main Points

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Weddings are incredibly important parts of people’s lives, times we cherish and memories which we hold ever so close and dear to us. A life changing event such as this calls for superb photography so that we can keep those memories even clearer and share them with others for generations to come. Picking the right photographer is crucial in getting the service and photos you always dream about getting for your wedding day. Here are five main points to consider when searching for that perfect photographer for you.

1)      Plan ahead! The earlier you start your photographer search the more time you will have to observe all your options and the more likely you will be finding that perfect photographer.

2)      Pay attention to their previous work. You must look at the photographer’s prior work, as well as from entire weddings. Make sure his or her shooting and editing style fits with your tastes in what you like to see in photos. Also zoom in on the photos to make sure they are in focus, some photographers have trouble getting a good focus which make for poor quality prints, especially 8×10 or bigger.

3)      Ask around! Your friends, family, coworkers or anyone else you know may have great references for a fantastic photographer you wouldn’t have found on your own.

4)      Meet up with the photographer to make sure you are going with the right person. This is too important of a day in your life and a task to ask of some photographer you have never met. He or she must click well with you and your spouse and make for an enjoyable experience as well as do a phenomenal job with shooting and editing photos for your big day.

5)      Finally, ask about contracts. Look over these closely and make sure their contract doesn’t prohibit you from something you were hoping to do with your wedding photography. Some people don’t allow the clients to have printing rights, others charge a massive amount, and still you may discover other interesting and possibly unwanted things in the contract.

Five main points to choosing the perfect photographer!

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