16 Jul 2010

Tips to Choosing the Right Photographer

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1) Check their previous work, look through their photo galleries and compare them with other photographers work. Some people claim to be professional photographers but are not near as talented as many other photographers out there. Just because someone has a fancy website has absolutely no bearing as to how good they are as a photographer. Although this can be a good indicator, one should look into their previous shoots to make sure they are getting a talented and qualified photographer.

2) If they have proven themselves to be qualified with an eye and skill for photography, now it would be a good idea to check out what he or she charges. We all have budgets, if a photographer charges significantly greater prices than other equally talented photographers, you may want to reconsider. For some people this will not be an issue, but for some of us we need to make the most of our money and get a middle ground between how much we spend and how much we get. Luckily, some photographers offer fantastic services and products for more modest prices than others.

3) Can the photographer even make it out to the shoot? By this I mean where is the photographer situated, is he or she far away? Are there closer ones with just about as good of a deal? Also, you may need the shoot to occur at a certain time of day or night. Mention such requests to the photographer before choosing him or her.

4) Call him or her up! See if you can get to know the photographer better and check whether or not you think their personality will mix well with yours. A photo shoot will always produce far better results and be so much more enjoyable if you select a photographer that you can get along with very well. Humor and or enthusiasm can often be positive traits in photographers, but also having a serious down to earth side is important. If it’s for a wedding you will want to meet the photographer in person to make sure he or she is the right fit for you.

5) Also asking friends or family about their experiences with photographers. If any of them had fantastic reviews about a certain photographer, you may have just located the perfect one through a recommendation!

6) I would also suggest looking around and not going with the first photographer you come across. You may be surprised to find and even more suited one for you!

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