"Lead is actually an acronym (L.E.A.D.) which popped into my head one day when I was younger and has been an encouragement to me ever since, as well as defined me as a person. It reminds me to live life to the fullest, to never give up, not to go the easy route because it’s easy but to push forward and always do whats right no matter how difficult it is."

Preparing Yourself For A Photo Shoot

1)    Plan ahead and talk to the photographer! The most important thing anyone can do when something is coming up is take all things into consideration and brainstorm how to accomplish all the required tasks most efficiently and appropriately. In terms of prepping for a photo shoot, a person would be wise to figure out precisely how to go about the following tips in this list or any other hurdles that may come to mind.

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Tips to Choosing the Right Photographer

1) Check their previous work, look through their photo galleries and compare them with other photographers work. Some people claim to be professional photographers but are not near as talented as many other photographers out there. Just because someone has a fancy website has absolutely no bearing as to how good they are as a photographer. Although this can be a good indicator, one should look into their previous shoots to make sure they are getting a talented and qualified photographer.

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Setting Up an Online Photo Gallery with Flickr

Flickr has some similar qualities to Facebook, such as “contacts” (friends), comment postings, private messages can be sent, there are groups anyone can join, blogs can be maintained, Flickr can be operated via cell phone or computer, and there are even more mutual features.

“Batch Organize” is an amazing tool that allows you to work with multiple photos at the same time.

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